This is a podcast where Phil and Jake rank everything. Here's the current List of Every Damn Thing:

1. Prince (person)
2. Donald Duck (fictional character)
3. Hank Williams (person)
4. air (element)
5. Watchmen (comic book)
6. onions (food)
7. intro to Back That Azz Up (music)
8. nail clippers (tool)
9. rye bread (food)
10. land (element)
11. Watchmen (TV show)
12. Jessica Rabbit (fictional character)
13. crows (animal)
14. sea (element)
15. coffee (beverage)
16. national debt (idea)
17. band t-shirts (clothing)
18. lightning rounds (idea)
19. generation ships (idea)
20. sardines (food)
21. Tommy Bahama shirts (clothing)
22. Watchmen (movie)
23. blood (substance)
24. Oreos (food)
25. sports team jerseys (clothing)
26. Josta (beverage)
27. Gambit (fictional character)
28. Surge (beverage)
29. Double Stuf Oreos (food)
30. Jenny McCarthy (person)
31. Hank Williams Jr. (person)
32. QAnon (idea)

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