15. Daylight Saving Time, The Three Stooges, Antoni Gaudi

We add Daylight Saving Time, The Three Stooges, and architect Antoni Gaudi to the List of Every Damn Thing.
Phil and Jake further sculpt the List of Every Damn Thing by ranking Daylight Saving Time, The Three Stooges, and the turn-of-the-century Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.

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  • In our conversation, Jake refers to it as “Daylight Savings Time” but apparently the "s" at the end of “Saving” is wrong (though a pretty common mistake). 
  • We incorrectly guess that Hawai’i recognizes DST. It doesn’t, and neither does Arizona. Indiana does recognize DST, but it wasn’t implemented statewide until 2006. In related news, a small portion of Indiana near Chicago is in the Central Time Zone, while the rest of the state is in the Eastern Time Zone.
  • Phil’s leap year solution is to move New Years Day to March 1st. It solves some problems.
  • Gambit’s staff is a telescoping bo staff, it doesn’t have some kind of pitchfork element as Phil thought.
  • Shemp is the brother of Curly and Moe. Curly is the “hot” Stooge.
  • Phil mistakenly refers to the Stooges' short “Disorder in the Court” as “Odor in the Court”.
  • Mantan Moreland wasn’t a slapstick guy like The Three Stooges but he could have done it. Here he is at the Apollo with with Nipsey Russell.
  • We briefly mention Hattie McDaniel, the first African American to win an Oscar (for her role in Gone With the Wind), but not by name.
  • Phil and Jake watched We Want our Mummy in Phil's New York City apartment in the early 2000s.
  • Here's one of the Stooges' eye-poking gags, and here's Curly spinning around on the floor.
  • The works of Antoni Gaudi we discuss include Casa Batlló, the Sagrada Família and Park Güell.
  • The famous New York City “master builder” whose name we can’t remember is city planner Robert Moses.
  • We cite Moebius (who drew fantastic cityscapes), H.R. Giger (who created creepy aliens) and Salvador Dalí (who painted melty clocks) as artists influenced by Gaudi.
  • The Chrysler Building was designed by William Van Alen. He’s the one who here is dressed as the Chrysler Building.
  • We mention A Trip to the Moon. Apparently the original Paris Euro Disney’s version of Space Mountain was based on the Jules Verne novel! We wish it was based on the 1902 Georges Méliès film where the moon gets its eye blasted.

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Below is the List of Every Damn Thing as of this episode (for the most up-to-date list, go here):

  1. Dolly Parton - person
  2. Prince - person
  3. Cher - person
  4. Donald Duck - fictional character
  5. Hank Williams, Sr - person
  6. air - substance
  7. Watchmen - comic book
  8. onions - food
  9. “Midnight Train to Georgia” - music
  10. sex - idea
  11. The Three Stooges - comedy act
  12. intro to “Back That Azz Up” - music
  13. shirtless men wearing elaborate angel wings, gold lamé shorts & furry cha-cha heels - idea
  14. plants - life form
  15. nail clippers - tool
  16. rye bread - food
  17. Antoni Gaudi - architect
  18. land - substance
  19. Charmander - fictional character
  20. A-shirts (aka “wifebeaters”) - clothing
  21. “Dancing Queen” - music
  22. Watchmen - TV series
  23. Jessica Rabbit - fictional character
  24. Cheech and Chong - comedy act
  25. “Tulsa Time” - music
  26. cold brew shandy - beverage
  27. Jersey Shore - location
  28. crows - animal
  29. sea - substance
  30. coffee - beverage
  31. Whoppers - food
  32. national debt - idea
  33. band t-shirts - clothing
  34. moist - word
  35. lightning rounds - idea
  36. generation ships - idea
  37. sardines - animal
  38. Tommy Bahama shirts - clothing
  39. man-bun - hairstyle
  40. toe shoes - clothing
  41. “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” - song
  42. Watchmen - movie
  43. blood - substance
  44. Oreos - food
  45. pigeons - animal
  46. Daylight Saving Time - idea
  47. sports team jerseys - clothing
  48. Josta - beverage 
  49. Gambit - fictional character
  50. Surge - beverage
  51. Double Stuf Oreos - food
  52. Jenny McCarthy - person
  53. Hank Williams, Jr - person
  54. QAnon - idea

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