2. Tommy Bahama, Sardines, Gambit

We add Tommy Bahama shirts, band t-shirts, sports jerseys, sardines and Gambit (of the X-Men) to the List of Every Damn Thing.
Phil & Jake double the size of the List of Every Damn Thing by ranking Tommy Bahama shirts, band t-shirts, sports jerseys, sardines and Gambit (the trench coat-wearing, playing card-flinging, Cajun-speaking Marvel mutant).


Brian Stow is the San Francisco Giants fan who was beat up at Dodgers Stadium.

Phil mentions the bro-country song “Hard to Forget” which samples “There Stands the Glass” by Webb Pierce. We don’t really get into it on the show, but even in 2020 Phil was shocked to hear a straight-up sample in a country song and clutched his pearls when he heard it. Also mentioned is “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks which doesn’t sample anything.

Alt-right clothing * Cabo Wabo lifestyle & Parrothead vibes * Halloween costumes * Stewart from Beavis & Butt-Head * the Edmonton Oilers logo * the Charlotte Hornets’ ground-breaking use of teal * what Whitney Houston & Hank Williams are doing in heaven * Phil’s relationship with Jake’s cat * Phil eating “Miao” brand tuna fish in Spain, which was probably intended for cats * Phil eating dog biscuits * the Marvel Comics characters Bullseye, Wolverine, Longshot (pic) & Venom * Poochie from The Simpsons diverting us all from the fireworks factory * Scrappy-Doo * Chachi from Happy Days

Below is the List of Every Damn Thing as of this recording (for the most up-to-date list, go here):

1. Hank Williams (person)
2. crows (animal)
3. band t-shirts (clothing)
4. sardines (food)
5. Tommy Bahama shirts (clothing)
6. Oreos (food)
7. sports team jerseys (clothing)
8. Gambit (fictional character)
9. Double Stuf Oreos (food)
10. Hank Williams Jr. (person)

The theme song for this episode is by Jade Puget.

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