3. Land, Sea, Air, Jenny McCarthy, Blood

We add land, sea, air, Jenny McCarthy and blood to the List of Every Damn Thing. We also do a lightning round, in which we rank lightning rounds.
Phil and Jake continue to expand the List of Every Damn thing by ranking land, sea, air, 1994 Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy, and blood. We also sneak in a lightning round where we rank lightning rounds.

Please excuse Jake's audio quality; we had technical issues and promise to do better next time.

  • “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie probably should be our national anthem. Growing up they only taught us the first bit of the song and not the part about trespassing.
  • Generation ships - one of Phil’s favorite concepts. It’s a colony of people that live on a spaceship en route to a far off planet. The voyage takes so long that the people are on the ship for 20 generations. The people who set out will never get to their destination and the people who get to the destination never set out, they were just born into it by choices their ancestors made. It’s really rich metaphorically. Science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson threw a lot of water on the idea here in this article but it’s still a fun idea.
  • The Seven Seas - Is a term we didn’t really know the origin of. Apparently it was used in Mesopotamia, India & Rome with different meanings. Nowadays it’s generally understood to mean the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian & Arctic Oceans and also Mediterranean, Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico.
  • We discussed some 1990s Playboy Mags, specifically the one where Jenny Mcarthy is posing with Santa Claus. Phil misremembered it that she was wearing a beard and dressed as Santa Claus but that’s probably too transgressive for 90s Playboy. Playboy had a baffling fascination with Santa Claus, half of the cartoons had Santa in them year-round. Regrettably we didn’t discuss Anna Nicole Smith.
  • Phil mistakenly refers to the Mayans as the Aztecs.
  • Rappers referenced: DMX (here’s Ruff Ryder’s Anthem), Spice-1 (here’s Clip & the Trigger and Smoke em Like a Blunt), DJ Quik (here’s Tonight).
The movie Waterworld * Shoplifting * vaccines & anti-vaxxers * Spelling “blood” with your hands * ways that people eat blood * Da 5 Bloods, the Spike Lee film in which older actors play themselves as younger men * Beyond the Sea starring Kevin Spacey, which Phil saw on an airplane

Below is the List of Every Damn Thing as of this recording (for the most up-to-date list, go here):

1. Hank Williams (person)
2. air (element)
3. land (element)
4. crows (animal)
5. sea (element)
6. band t-shirts (clothing)
7. lightning rounds (concept)
8. sardines (food)
9. Tommy Bahama shirts (clothing)
10. blood (substance)
11. Oreos (food)
12. sports team jerseys (clothing)
13. Gambit (fictional character)
14 Double Stuf Oreos (food)
15. Jenny McCarthy (person)
16. Hank Williams Jr. (person)

The theme song for this episode is by Jade Puget.

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