66. Pie, Water Parks, Earplugs, Newspapers, Wedding Anniversaries, Audio Books

This is a frightening lightning round episode. Jake and Phil try to beat the (spooky clock) and rank 6 items before the episode ends. It's a speed-run situation.
Jake and Phil are joined by ghostly spirits from the other side of the flimsy veil that separates our world from the next in this extremely Frightening Lightning episode. We rank pie, water parks, earplugs, newspapers, wedding anniversaries, audiobooks.

  • The Kurt Vonnegut story Phil was talking about was Harrison Bergeron. Full text of the story is here, it's very short. It's been adapted several times for TV and movies. It's the kind of science-fiction story that probably gets taken the wrong way a lot.
  • The Video game we mentioned but didn't know the full name of was Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road. Here's a video of what it looks like a real Super Sprint vibe to the proceedings.
  • Key Lime pie is brought up. You don't need limes from Key West to make these pies, just use regular limes.
  • The Stephen King audiobook that the populist Phil talks about is 11/22/63. It was made into a movie on Hulu. Phil's not a Stephen King guy really but he likes time travel stories. This book is about a portal that opens up to a particular town in Maine on the same day. A guy who owns a hamburger place goes into the past and buys the same meat over and over from this town in Maine to bring back to the present to serve to his customers. Wait, maybe that's Stephen King telling on himself!
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