7. Donald Duck, Onions, Rye Bread

We add Donald Duck, onions and rye bread to the List of Every Damn Thing.
Phil and Jake further unveil the mysteries of the List of Every Damn Thing by ranking the Disney character Donald Duck-- a talking duck who drives a car, can’t swim or fly, can’t hold down a job, has a rich uncle and a girlfriend who looks just like him-- plus onions and rye bread.

Scrooge McDuck * Daisy Duck * Chris Gaines / Garth Brooks * Archie Bunker * Hank Williams * Darth Vader * Prince * Maui onions

Below is the List of Every Damn Thing as of this episode (for the most up-to-date list, go here):

1. Prince (person)
2. Donald Duck (fictional character)
3. Hank Williams (person)
4. air (element)
5. onions (food)
6. intro to Back That Azz Up (music)
7. nail clippers (tool)
8. rye bread (food)
9. land (element)
10. Jessica Rabbit (fictional character)
11. crows (animal)
12. sea (element)
13. coffee (beverage)
14. national debt (idea)
15. band t-shirts (clothing)
16. lightning rounds (idea)
17. generation ships (idea)
18. sardines (food)
19. Tommy Bahama shirts (clothing)
20. blood (substance)
21. Oreos (food)
22. sports team jerseys (clothing)
23. Josta (beverage)
24. Gambit (fictional character)
25. Surge (beverage)
26. Double Stuf Oreos (food)
27. Jenny McCarthy (person)
28. Hank Williams Jr. (person)
29. QAnon (idea)

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