40. Dan Aykroyd, Wayne's World, Saturday Night Live

We add Dan Aykroyd, the media franchise Wayne's World, and Saturday Night Live to the List of Every Damn Thing.
Phil and Jake are joined by friend (and contributor to the pod) Donovan to insert some gags and guffaws into the the List of Every Damn Thing by ranking Dan Aykroyd, all things Wayne’s World, and Saturday Night Live.

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kids * birthday beat-downs * comedy straight-men * Asperger’s * comedy duos * Monty Python * Snowbird from Alpha Flight * Wired (movie) * Cheech & Chong * Jessica Rabbit * Popeye * Beavis and Butt-Head * Dolly Parton * Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure * nostalgia * Aerosmith * Alice Cooper * Charlton Heston * Kim Basinger * objectification of women * Tia Carrere * Buster Keaton’s The General * Star Wars * Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey * the Chicago Cubs * baseball * stunt casting

Below are the Top Ten and Bottom Top items on List of Every Damn Thing as of this episode (for the complete up-to-date list, go here):


1. Dolly Parton - person
2. interspecies animal friends - idea
3. Clement Street in San Francisco - location
4. Prince - person
5. It’s-It - food
6. Cher - person
7. Pee-Wee Herman - fictional character
8. Donald Duck - fictional character
9. Hank Williams - person
10. air - substance


128. Double Stuf Oreos - food
129. Lincoln Logs - toy
130. Jenny McCarthy - person
131. Jon Voight - person
132. Hank Williams, Jr - person
133. McRib - food
134. war - idea
135. cigarettes - drug
136. QAnon - idea
137. transphobia - idea

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