85. Eddie and the Cruisers, Mambo No. 5, Being Possessed

We rank the film Eddie and the Cruisers, the song "Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...)” by Lou Bega, and being possessed on the List of Every Damn Thing.
Phil and Jake are rank the 1983 fictional band biopic Eddie and the Cruisers, the 1999 Latin pop hit “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…)” by Lou Bega, and  being possessed on the List of Every Damn Thing.

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Watchmen TV series * jeggings * L’Eggs * Arthur Rimbaud * the Jersey Shore * music biopics * Martin Davidson * Boomers * leather jackets * junkyards * Star Wars * movie tropes * “Macho Man” Randy Savage * mini-trucks * eggs * the national debt * Crocs * ghosts * seizures * zipper jeans worn with no underwear * public humiliation * speed limits * Hulk Hogan

Below are the Top Ten and Bottom Top items on List of Every Damn Thing as of this episode (for the complete up-to-date list, go here).

  1. Dolly Parton - person
  2. interspecies animal friends - idea
  3. sex - idea
  4. bicycles - tool
  5. coffee - beverage
  6. Clement Street in San Francisco - location
  7. Prince - person
  8. It’s-It - food
  9. Doctor Doom - fictional character
  10. Cher - person


257. Jon Voight - person
258. Hank Williams, Jr - person
259. British Royal Family - institution
260. Steven Seagal - person
261. McRib - food
262. death - idea
263. war - idea
264. cigarettes - drug
265. QAnon - idea
266. transphobia - idea

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