62. Marijuana, Band-Aids as Fashion, Yosemite Sam Mudflaps (w/ Efrem Schulz)

Efrem Schulz (Death By Stereo / Voodoo Glow Skulls / Manic Hispanic) returns to help us add marijuana, Band-Aids as fashion, and Yosemite Sam Mudflaps to the List of Every Damn Thing.
Phil and Jake witness the triumphant return of Efrem Schulz-- frontman for Death By Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Manic Hispanic-- to rank marijuana, Band-Aids as fashion, and Yosemite Sam Mudflaps on the List of Every Damn Thing.

Find Efrem on Twitter (@Efbystereo) and Instagram (@efbystereo). He's been real busy with his bands lately.; here's a check-out list:

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trains * train shenanigans * “Weird Al” Yankovich * Juggalos * pot legalization * Mendocino County * organized crime * back market maple syrup * “Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse * McRib * Steven Seagal * karaoke * podcasts * boxer dogs * dog dicks * Nelly * Morrissey * nipple chafing * Michael Jackson * The Weekend * Chuck Schumer * Rod Lavers shoes * handkerchiefs * A-shirts * skorts * Cheech & Chong * zipper jeans worn with no underwear * Monopoly * gas-powered leaf blowers * man-buns * crossbows * the Confederate flag * Elmer Fudd * babe-silhouette mudflaps * Calvin pissing * Snow White * The Aquabats * Robbie Williams’ “Millennium” video * Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video * speed limits * swap meet shirts * radio edits * Trouble * fast fashion

Below are the Top Ten and Bottom Top items on List of Every Damn Thing as of this episode (for the complete up-to-date list, go here).

  1. Dolly Parton - person
  2. interspecies animal friends - idea
  3. sex - idea
  4. Clement Street in San Francisco - location
  5. Prince - person
  6. It’s-It - food
  7. Cher - person
  8. Pee-Wee Herman - fictional character
  9. Donald Duck - fictional character
  10. Hank Williams - person


191. Jenny McCarthy - person
192. Jon Voight - person
193. Hank Williams, Jr - person
194. British Royal Family - institution
195. Steven Seagal - person
196. McRib - food
197. war - idea
198. cigarettes - drug
199. QAnon - idea
200. transphobia - idea

Theme song by Jade Puget. Graphic design by Jason Mann. This episode was produced & edited by Jake MacLachlan, with audio help from Luke Janela. Show notes by Jake MacLachlan & Phil Green.

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